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‘ I have always wanted to see how you can get a certain quality of texture and softness and pride from young men towards non-aggressive movements, as in dance, especially young black men. It’s an aspiration I’ve had for years – unfortunately too often young men are seen as difficult and violent, we have been able to show that is not the case and provide them with an alternative to the media stereotypes and gangsta rapper culture’. Carl Campbell

Boyz Rhythm

Boyz Rhythm is a contemporary Caribbean dance project developing dance with young men

from schools and community groups.The aim of the project is to allow boys to experience dance

and to get in touch with the gentler sides pf their personalities, and also help to breakdown some

 of the stereotypes and preconceived ideas held about men dancing.

Boyz Rhythm develops dance with boys from schools and community projects in London and the UK. It incorporates Contemporary Caribbean dance, poetry, words and rap, hip hop, reggae and jazz influences. Dance enhances their physical repertoire and shows that it is possible to channel aggression into a positive form and not to be afraid of strong emotions, says Carl Campbell.