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Contemporary Caribbean Dance Theatre

Carl Campbell appeared on Jamaica TV as a judge on the ‘Dancing Dynamites’ panel, a popular Jamaica TV dance competition. He is now known in Kingston as '10 out of 10' for the high scores he gave several dancers.

The Company completed another successful visit to Jamaica with workshops and events with the Recycled Teenagers. The Jamaican Recycled Teenagers programme takes place regularly at the National Council of Senior Citizens centre in Kingston, with appearances across the island.


The Company Launched the Jamaican Recycled Teenagers programme at the British High Commission as part of CCDC7?s 30th anniversary events. The Recycled Teenagers (Jamaica) project has developed with regular workshops at the National Council of Senior Citizens centre in Kingston, as well as workshops in Elders? centres in Spanish Town and elsewhere. The event at the British High Commission received good responses with everyone joining in the finale group celebration including Jeremy Cresswell, the British High Commissioner.

Carl also worked with children from Tivoli School leading to participation in the Launch at the British High Commission.

INTERNATIONAL WORK: JAMAICA 2011, Switzerland 2001