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Kingswood House. Kingswood Estate Seeley Drive, West Dulwich, London  SE21 8QR

The Company is Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status.

Contemporary Caribbean Dance Theatre

‘Older people are often seen as no longer useful to society, I firmly believe that is wrong, deep down inside they are young at heart. There is a concept that after 50 you are finished. This workshop shows that older people can be creative and active, it creates a chance to say, no, we are not finished – we have a lot to offer and look at us now!
Older people bring an energy and interpretation that can take your breath away with their commitment’

Who are the Recycled Teenagers, are they dangerous – should we lock our doors? Of course not, they are a group of active older people taking part in an exciting dance programme run by Carl Campbell Dance Company 7 for people over the age of 50 upwards. The workshop uses the dynamic rhythms of Caribbean dance to ‘lively up’ its members from Southwark’s older community.

‘ I have never had so much fun in my life’ - Joan

‘Since I have been going to the class, I have become so much more flexible and my blood pressure has gone right down’ – Mary

‘Carl gives us confidence, and everyone can take part’ - Maureen

Recycled Teenagers meets every Tuesday from 1.30-3.00pm in the Peckham Pulse, Melon Road, Peckham

      "Recycled Teenagers are a joy to Peckham"

         (Paul O'Grady (New Paul O'Grady Show)


"They are a delightful group of people, and they move so

beautifully together"

                         High School Musical

"Together we have been able to engage all the members

and exercise the true sense of inclusion"  

Moji Coker, Golden Oldies


Recycled Teenagers
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