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Contemporary Caribbean Dance Theatre

How to Inspire the next generation of leaders

"Start Em Young" is a powerful contemporary Caribbean dance theatre programme for the under 5s

Annette Stuart, Deputy Head, Canons High School, Harrow

“Start ‘Em Young”

"Start Em Young" focuses on equipping children with essential leadership skills which is in all participants.The diverse and multi-cultural nature of Caribbean dance and culture allows the children to engage and work constructively, through respect, discipline, tolerance and understanding.  Participants will experience their own dynamic ability to engage with each other in a fun and enjoyable setting.


CCDC7 is carrying out an innovative contemporary Caribbean dance research project with nursery schools in Southwark. Working with Karen Foster, an experienced dancer and workshop leader - CCDC7 is interested in exploring the potential to introduce children to their cultural inheritance from an early age and develop the project further.

Start 'Em Young
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